Sunday, 28 June 2015

Political Immaturity That Shadowed The Week.

The ending week was one that had political events that were intriguing and interesting. I think Kenya and especially the Kenyan politicians will always hit the headlines for reasons that are apparently negative. They will always carve out the negativity out of the positive situations and events of nation-building. Hitting the nail on the head, there are specific happenings that I will write about.

First, what was the exact reason why some of the residents of Kibra (Kibera) decided to burn some of the public facilities the national government is putting up in this part of Nairobi? Definitely, somebody is likely to answer by uttering the usual political shenanigans. I found this incident to be queer and bizarre. Look, here is the central government trying to better the lives of the Kibera residents who have always cried foul of why they are never helped by the government and due to some skewed thinking, physical destruction was hence in the offing. I wish to dissect the precursory events to the Kibra happenstance. 

So, our dear former Premier the Right Honorable Raila Odinga claimed that the Cabinet Secretary in charge of Devolution and Planning, Anne Waiguru was responsible for the scam at the National Youth Service where it has been alleged that over Kshs.800 million was embezzled. This resulted in protests in the capital city by some of the youths who have benefited through employment from the on-going NYS projects. These young Kenyans took to the streets to discredit the opposition chief for not changing the lives of the Kibrans for the entire period of time he was the Member of Parliament for Lang’ata. In due cause of the peaceful demonstrations, there were allegations that Raila Odinga was being abused by youths hired from Kiambu County.

The abuses apparently angered the supporters of the Orange party leader who saw it fit to destroy some of the NYS projects initiated by the national government. This is a state of myopia and backwardness. Do these people really know that at the end of the day, Raila will not troop to  their houses to wine and dine with them? Do they have the imagination that Raila lives a royal-like life and uses luxurious facilities? The bile that exists between Raila’s supporters and those of President Uhuru is so intense. It is illogical and politically incorrect to set ablaze social facilities set up by the government with the misplaced view that it belongs to the other side of the political divide. The misconstrued notion is that the NYS projects in Kibra belong to President Kenyatta, his entire government and supporters. This is political immaturity at its highest point.

In any case, the president is a symbol of national unity and we should thus embrace whoever wins this seat irrespective of our political inclinations and ideologies. Therefore, it is the right of each citizen to have better living standards and in the same spirit, it is the responsibility of each government to ensure that this is effected. I choose to sympathize with the Kenyans who took part in the chaos that ensued in Kibera due to their ignorance which is sometimes an incurable disease. It is the nature of such events that we are truly pictured as politically immature as we always tend to drag political affairs in matters that deal with development or rather we smear the development issues with destructive politics.

The bailing out of Mumias Sugar Company elicited politically charged emotions with political temperatures also rising. A delegation of 15 MPs from western Kenya lead by the ODM Secretary General, Ababu Namwamba paid a visit to President Uhuru in State House in a bid to rescue the sugar miller and their efforts were rewarded by the issuance of a cheque worth Kshs.1 billion. Personally, I never saw anything wrong with it provided that the local farmers are enduring harsh and unbearable economic moments. 

However, others chose to see it as a political gesture by Ababu Namwamba to lean towards the government side for political gains and survival. It might be true or false but in my own opinion, it is a bit of tomfoolery for some of the opposition members to berate their colleagues who were at State House. They were scolded because western Kenya is considered as a backyard of Raila Odinga. But again who said that any part or region of Kenya belongs to somebody? In other words, since Raila didn’t capture the presidency then this means that western Kenya should remain largely undeveloped. This is what some of the opposition members are communicating. This is again political immaturity at its highest. 

We should change tact in our political way of thinking by engaging in politics that enhance development instead of crippling development through the promotion of destructive and negative politics. Being in the opposition doesn’t mean that its members should be resigned to such positions and state where they cannot engage with the government for the sake of the welfare of Kenyans. Before I forget, what is the point of a political leader stripping naked just because of allegations that Raila was abused by the Deputy President William Ruto? And is it foolhardy for one to refer to Raila as Raila baba, Raila mwana, Raila roho mtakatifu ( Raila the father, Raila the son and Raila the holy spirit) ? To me, these are not only jokes taken too far but also insanity that stems from political sycophancy.

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