Thursday, 23 July 2015

Are You Just Busy Or Productive?

More often, we claim to be busy or we have encountered individuals who claim to be busy. Being busy is a good thing because it pin-points that at least we have something to do other than just idling around. But have we ever carried out a self-evaluation to determine how far we go in achieving the personal goals that we put down? This certainly is where we miss the mark as we hardly carry out a self-evaluation analysis by involving ourselves wholly in numerous activities hence ending up being nebulous in achieving our targets. I wish to challenge various individuals that we must strive to be productive other than being busy. 

Productive people set few goals that are attainable. They do not set so many goals which often makes individuals to shift goalposts in the eventuality that goal attainment becomes a mirage. This latter statement befits the busy people who have so many goals that they hardly achieve.

Another element that differentiates productive people with the busy people is the efficacy with which issues are approached. Productive people value efficiency as compared to the busy individuals who are wasteful as they chase too many goals and only achieving very few of them. Setting few goals leads to attainment of most of the targets.

Productive people have the power of focus. They choose to concentrate on few relevant activities to get results. Busy people have less focus. They want to deal with so many issues at ago therefore lacking concentration on what they are doing.

Productive people prioritize their activities and this enables them to be able to deal with the important tasks and issues at hand. Busy people hardly set out their priorities. As stated earlier, busy people lack the power to concentrate on few goals and this is a clear indication that they fail to prioritize their activities.

Busy people will always be heard speaking loudly how their “busyness” has shadowed them . Productive people always let what they are doing speak for themselves. They do not show-off that they are pursuing things that are perceived to be important.

Busy individuals will always accept pieces of work from other people. This means that they will always say “yes” to so many people’s requests. What distinguishes productive people from the busy ones is the ability of the former to say “no”. this is something that not so many people are capable of doing. Choosing to accept nearly every request from other individuals implies that your personal goals will be vague.

Productive people know how to play their game as they know the appropriate time to take a good rest and rejuvenate themselves. They know how to put into action the adage that states that “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Busy people often pretend that they hardly have time to re-energize their bodies by engaging in activities that refresh their mind and body. This makes them to be consistently and constantly less productive thus struggling to achieve their goals.

We should shun away from the culture and norm of always claiming to be “busy” and instead focus on how we are going to be productive. Being productive is always pegged on the principle of efficiency. The moment we cease being shrouded by and immersed in “busyness” is the time that we shall be able to unleash our full potential hence ending up energizing ourselves for the sole purpose of being productive in our endeavors. Let’s change tact to attract high quality results and outcomes in whatever activity we engage ourselves in.

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