Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Rediscovering Your Purpose In Life.

At one point in life we have often sat down, thought and finally mapped out several strategies on how we gonna achieve various goals in life. This apparent setting of different goals depicts that we certainly have purpose in our lives. But with time there is an unseen power that drags us and pulls us back and the final result is that we throw in the towel and we call it quits. My mission as I write this article is to influence our souls and our inner selves to think about the positive goals that enthralled us at one time in our lives. Definitely losing focus on the goals that we’ve set also implies that vagueness about our purpose in life sets in and at this point settling for average becomes the only option available.

That is why we should use our hindsight to re-look into the goals we had earlier on and establish where we veered off the road and consequently when the rain began beating us. For most individuals derailing from our life’s purpose has been influenced by a myriad of factors some of which are external while others are internal. In my categorization, these external factors are sometimes beyond our control but we can always come up with ways and means to adapt to the prevailing circumstances. The internal factors that lead us to lack purpose in life can be effectively controlled by us.

We should have in mind that this life has never, isn’t, and will never be a rehearsal. This statement can either influence us to take it positively and live an adorable life, one which we have the desire to establish an immortal legacy that humanity will always look at and bow with a lot of respect and honour or we can choose to live a reckless life that is chaotic in the belief that life is too short. In the bid to rediscovering your purpose in life, you ought to take the following into consideration:
          Find out what goals you had earlier on and why you wanted to attain them
·                     Establish what was your initial driving force in life
·                     Note who were your close associates at the time of life you thought you had purpose
·                     Seek to know how various negativities came in your life

The bare-knuckled truth that we should know is the key role that our friends and close associates play when it comes to choosing which path of life to travel in pursuit of our destiny. The individuals I have encountered, whom I and the society in general consider to be successful, owe part of their success to their friends who are positive about life and who are concerned about their achievements in life. The people whom society has deemed as failures, in a moment and time of regret will direct their lamentations towards their ‘friends’ whom they blame for all their misgivings and mediocrity. As much as we spellbound ourselves to the “no man is an island” adage we should be cognizant of  the simple fact that our personal decisions should at times supplant those advocated by our friends especially concerning the pro-negativities put forth by them. The lesson is obvious and we know it clearly that friends can either build us or destroy us.

Every morning when you get out of bed take it as a habit to always have a thought about your purpose in life. This will keep you on track towards the attaining of your goals and realizing your dream. Alternatively, to remain focused on your purpose in life, which is of course positive, have some meditation or a fist-on-the-chin time to carefully reflect on your energies that are propelling you or pulling you back.

For the believers, seeking divine intervention can also prove to be a vital step on rediscovering your purpose in life. Make a prayer to nourish your soul and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit so as to stay on track and sustain and maintain your focus. Whichever denominational ideals, ideologies and philosophies you subscribe to doesn’t matter to any other secondary party as long as it doesn’t promote idiocy and fallacy.

When you are faced with challenges, difficulties and problems that are bound to jeopardize your purpose in life it is important to share out with your acquaintances and any other party or person who will be able to give advice on the necessary steps to take in order to re-engineer your life’s purpose. The importance of sharing out the struggles that you go through helps in acquiring new and effective ways which when put into practice may play a very critical role in rediscovering your purpose.

As we seek to hold onto our purpose, we often endeavor to stand out from the rest by attempting and trying to be unique. But in between our aspirations and our achievements there is a bump that is the hearsay and whims from other individuals. Most of the time we are victimized by what people say especially the negativities which influences us to be taciturn about our purpose in life. You should be able to sieve what is important and what is useless.

Rediscovering our purpose is 90% centered and based on an individual’s effort and 10% on the surroundings especially on the people whom you associate with. It is thus our personal duty to religiously stick to our purpose if we have to achieve all the big dreams and other aspirations. Have a good week which will entail rediscovering your purpose in life.

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